Sunday, 12 October 2014

A new Blog to reflect new equipment

Hi everyone,

Thank you for coming to my new blog. Recently I won the Red Centre Bird Festival Twitchathon with my dad (we saw 97 birds in the 24 hours) and our prize was some vouchers for our local camera shop, Camera House, Alice Springs. They were very generous prizes, and I am now the proud owner of a new camera.

I was also lucky enough to spend the day on Saturday with my dad being taken around the Alice Springs Desert Park. The day was one of the best days of my life, starting by walking the dingoes. I am a little bit afraid of wild dingoes, but Digger and Mala were very friendly.

Next we went to the Amphitheatre to see the Birds of Prey exhibition. I have seen this before, but still really enjoyed the show. Then dad and I went into the back area and saw some young Nankeen Kestrels and the two young Wedge-tailed Eagles, and I got to pat one! We also saw the first flight ever by the young female, Sienna, that was really cool. We saw the Barn Owl up close, the Southern Boobook as well, and the Bush-stone Curlew was very funny following us from one part to another. Next, we headed off around the park to one of the enclosures where I saw a just hatched Black-winged Stilt chick and a 2 day old Black-winged Stilt chick. We also saw Golden-backed Honeyeaters getting spider webs for its nest, and Princess Parrots in another enclosure.

It was an amazing day, and thank you to Lisa and Cam and James for letting me see their wonderful world.

The next day I got my new camera, so 'll be posting more photos from now on, which is why I have created the new blog. I will be posting some videos as well. Here is a quick one of Sienna's first flight.

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